Production facilities

At Pages Valenti SA we run our business on a state of the art spinning mill. From the raw material reception, to he delivery of our final article to our customers, our production method is focused on the constant improvement of all the processes, and with it we can produce more efficiently and with highest quality standards.

Open End Yarns

Open End Yarn line production

Our facilities are based in different production lines, with the latest Technology of open end spinning Machines which are connected to a integrated management system network, offering an immediate quality and production control, and a highest production flexibility.

Our production is focused on coarse count yarns (Nm 5 to Nm17) made from raw white and bleached cotton, or blends of cotton with synthetic fibres.

Twisting plant

Twisting plant line production

Pages Valenti runs different yarn twisting production lines, having the control on the quality of all the articles we deliver to our customers.

We can offer twisted yarns in different packaging alternatives, from 6 to 10 inch cones, and from 1,5 to 12 kg bobbins.