Planta de producció Strong Regent Ltd, ubicada a la província de Guandong, Xina.


Strong Regent , was born in 2006 as a result of a joint venture between PAGES VALENTI SA (in Spain) and the spinning mill owned by our partner in China, with who we have been dealing for more than 25 years in the textile raw materials supply chain.

With more than 60 years manufacturing yarns, we have applied the expertise in raw materials, manufacturing processes, and the constant focus on developing better and more effective yarns, using regenerated cotton fibres to produce high quality “Open End” yarns, that are certified by OekoTex Standard 100.

Línia de producció Strong Regent Ltd.


Ecosoft is a cost effective Open End yarn with high cotton content, that introduces quality, comfort, softness and environmental sustainability to the hosiery industry, and also to other home textile articles, like mattress protectors, bed covers, towels, cleaning clothes, and window fabrics.

We are relentless in ECOsoft yarns, our latest development, ensuring that our manufacturing process delivers the quality, efficiency, precision and product consistency to our customers. All this and the competitive prices we can offer, has given us the opportunity to enter to new textile markets in Asia and America.

Counts: Ne 3s (Nm 1/5.000) to Ne 20s (Nm 1/34.000).
Colours: Optical White, Black and different grey and blue shades.