Scope of personal data policy protection

This data protection policy involves any data processing that might originate by  surfing  or  interacting  through any of our websites or social networking we are present (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

In any of these communication media types, you may consult information, and in some cases, to fill out forms, conduct consultations, send pictures, make comments etc., and therefore to provide us with information regarded as personal data.  All processing   is subject to our privacy policy.

Who is responsible for your personal data processing?

In compliance with the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April the 27th 2016 you are advised that any personal data forwarded to us will be processed by Francisco Pagès Valentí, S.A., VAT No. A17016536, with registered address Polígon Industrial Pla de Poliger, Sector Nord, parc. 7 17854 Sant Jaume de Llierca, Catalonia, Spain. Mail

¿Qué Datos Personales se recogen y finalidad de los mismos?

Section Data Purpose & legitimization Destinatarios
Contact Name & mail To answer to your legitimated consultation as per your prior request Our company
RRHH Name, Forename, Mail, Phone, C.V. Legitimated Job Requests Management as per your prior request Our company

For what reason are we using your personal data?

We explain following the legal base which allow us to process your personal data:

  1. In compliance with a contractual relationship.
  2. When consent is giving.
  3. By the legitimate interest of Francisco Pagès Valentí, S.A. to show services, products and initiatives that could be of your interest.
  4. Fulfillment of obligations imposed by law.

We remind you that your consent can be revoked at any time by mailing to the following address:

Non-Relevant Data

Francisco Pagès Valentí, S.A. warns the user that, at the exception of a legally constituted representation, no user can   take   another subject’s identity and to   transfer their personal data, so that the user will have to care at all times to only provide their own personal data corresponding to his own identity and it must be   appropriate, relevant, updated, accurate and real.

For how long shall we keep your data?

Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. is keeping your personal data as long as is being considered necessary for the purpose it was stored. If the intention differs from the one   indicated in this policy, it is detailed in the appropriate document.

To whom your data will be communicated?

Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. will only transfer your personal data for those services which are indicated and in the cases provided by a law. We do not do any international transfer of your personal data.

In the case of  social networking, all the information and  the release of contents by the user will be a communication subject and  shared with the other users who  check  this  social net, because the nature of this service itself.

Security measures

Francisco Pagès Valentí, S.A.  guarantees full confidentiality and privacy  of  collected personal data.Therefore essential security measures have been adopted to avoid any manipulation, lost, processing or access not authorized and   at the same time to secure its integrity and security.

The user commits to a diligent use of it and not making his user name and password available to a third party.  By the same, he agrees to notify to the company about any theft, lost or any risks of access to his user of non-authorized parties.

Which are your rights when facilitating your personal data?

Right Content Channel of attention
Access You will be able to consult personal data monitored by Francisco Pagès Valentí ,S.A.
Amendment You will be able to correct your personal data when not appropriate.
Erasure You may request deletion of your personal data.
Opposition You may request the non-handling of your personal data.
Limited processing You may request limitation on the processing of your  personal data in the following cases:

  • While verifying the accuracy of contestation of your personal data.
  • When Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. does not need to process your data, but you need it for the right of claim or defense.
Portability You will be able to receive electronically the forwarded data.


Should you consider that we have not processed your personal data according to the law, you can contact to the Delegate for the Data Protection at the following email address

You can also make a claim at the Spanish Data Protection (

You are able to exercise your rights by attaching to your request your ID Card or any similar document.

The exercise of your rights is free.

Social Networks

The functioning of social networking remains not to the control of Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. and consequently whatever the information made public it will be shared by all those users who check the network. Likewise these nets allow the interaction with other users and therefore we detail following some preventive measures  to take into account:

The use of social networking is mainly targeting to the publicity of those products developed by Francisco Pagès Valentí, S.A.

In principle, same data protection policy is applied as specified in this document, concerning   the collection, processing and transfer of data.

The user has to commit to:

  • The non-publication of information that does not fulfil the requirements of truth, public interest and respect for people’s dignity. The user has to mainly avoid any behaviour that might attempt against the principal of non-discrimination based on sex gender, origin, religion, ideology or any other personal or social circumstances against privacy, honour and the own image, being the final responsible to the truth and legality of the published contents.
  • The non-recording and publication of images, videos or any other type of registrations without consent of those involved.

Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. is not identifying himself with the opinions expressed by others, nor with the ideology of those profiles having a relationship in any social net.

Francisco Pagès Valentí S.A. reserves the right to erase from their social nets any information published by others infringing legality or encouraging to do it, or having messages attempting against dignity of people or institutions, to block or denounce also the author of these images.

Recommendations to the users of social networks

  • To review and read the general conditions of use and the apolitical privacy of the social net prior to registration.
  • To learn about the possibilities of configuration and use the net is offering.
  • To define properly the level of privacy of profile’s user in the net.
  • Do not publish too much information about their personal and family life.
  • Be careful   with the publication of audio-visual and pictured contents in your profile, especially if there are images related to third parties.
  • Do not offer data to third parties without previous consent and agreement.

Social networks monitored by FRANCISCO PAGES VALENTÍ, S.A. are: Facebook